Mommy, Lullabies, and Me

Join us on Thursdays at 10 am at Sacred Spines.  We will be doing Mommy, Lullabies, and Me.  In these groups, Moms will engage in vocal toning and singing a lullaby every week.  Vocal Toning is creating frequencies in your voice and singing vowel sounds.  Moms benefit from vocal toning.  It can increase self awareness of their body, be a positive form of self expression, promote wellness, and more!  Babies also benefit from hearing their mothers sing to them.  In this class we encourage baby and mother bonding, mother self care and wellness, and group bounding.  You won’t want to miss this class!

Who: Babies 6 months (or around) and younger and moms

Cost:  $10 demo class (August 30th)

$20 per class in September or $75/4 classes (monthly)- Siblings free (Twins, triplets, etc.)