Dynamic Birthing and Family Services

At Dynamic Birthing and Family Services, INC. we provide music-based services to mothers, babies and families at all stages of life.  We do believe that the first few years are crucial for family bonding, interactions, and early learning.  We primarily provide services to expecting mother, babies, and young children.

Services for Pregnant Moms include:

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth:  Doula services that include music

  • Music chosen by client with therapist support
  • 2-3 prenatal visits with MT
  • 2-3 therapists assigned to case for back up support
  • Support during labor and birth
  • Immediate support after birth
  • A minimum of 1 postpartum visit
  • Womb Song

Womb Song

  • Song written for child(ren) in the womb
  • Simple short melody for the family to be able to learn and sing
  • Write an original song, record it, and give it to the family prior to the birth

Mom, Lullabies, and Me

  • Singing and toning for the moms
  • Learning a lullaby weekly
  • Group comradery
  • Postpartum support group
  • For moms with babies 6 months or younger
  • Benefits for moms: promote wellness and self-care, increase self-awareness.
  • Benefits for babies: increase self-awareness of mother’s voice.

Sing, Play & Learn

  • Early Childhood Music Classes
  • Children 5 and younger and a caregiver
  • Weekly classes
  • Dancing, playing instruments, singing, and playing with friends
  • Increases bonding, peer interaction, supports developmental growth, and more!