Music Therapy Group Sessions

Music Therapy Group Sessions: These sessions occur in the community, such as a church, day program, business partnership, therapist home, etc. Can contract with local businesses as well The sessions are typically 45-60 minutes Groups on the Medicaid Waiver contain 2-4 participants Group sessions can have more than 4 members in other facilities and through private pay

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Upcoming Dynamic Tots Classes

Dynamic Tots Music Classes are for children under the age of 5 and their caregiver. Our classes include music activities such as music and movement, instrument play, singing, dancing, games, reading/literacy skills and lots of fun stuff!  We work on identifying colors, taking turns, counting, alphabet, reading, motor skills, and more!

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Music Therapy 1:1 Sessions

Music Therapy 1:1 Sessions: These sessions can occur in the home or at a space such as a day program, church, etc. arranged by Dynamic Music Therapy and/or the consumer Can contract with local businesses as well The sessions typically last between 30-60 minutes Medicaid Waiver, private pay, possibly insurance, etc. Time for documentation will be added for the Medicaid

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