music therapy

Mommy, Lullabies, and Me

Join us on Thursdays at 10 am at Sacred Spines.  We will be doing Mommy, Lullabies, and Me.  In these groups, Moms will engage in vocal toning and singing a lullaby every week.  Vocal Toning is creating frequencies in your voice and singing vowel sounds.  Moms benefit from vocal toning.  It can increase self awareness of their body, be a

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Music Therapy Group Sessions

Music Therapy Group Sessions: These sessions occur in the community, such as a church, day program, business partnership, therapist home, etc. Can contract with local businesses as well The sessions are typically 45-60 minutes Groups on the Medicaid Waiver contain 2-4 participants Group sessions can have more than 4 members in other facilities and through private pay

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Music Therapy 1:1 Sessions

Music Therapy 1:1 Sessions: These sessions can occur in the home or at a space such as a day program, church, etc. arranged by Dynamic Music Therapy and/or the consumer Can contract with local businesses as well The sessions typically last between 30-60 minutes Medicaid Waiver, private pay, possibly insurance, etc. Time for documentation will be added for the Medicaid

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